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Black Friday E-Cigarette Sales Promotion 2015

November 4, 2014

Get huge savings on our Black Friday E-Cigarette Sales Promotion Links! Enjoy Big Savings on and before November 28th 2015 with these great promotions from the most popular online E-Cigarette companies in the U.S.  From E-Cigarette Starter Kits, Vaporizer Pens, E-Liquid and Mod Kits are available soon with HUGE SAVINGS!!! Black Friday E-Cigarette Vendor List Enjoy quality e-cigarette products and accessories from our partners: V2 Cigs Vaporfi Zig Zag Vaporizers Premium E-Cigarette South Beach Smoke Wax and Oil Vaporizers Loose Leaf Vaporizers Vapor 4 Life StarFire E-Cigarettes AND MUCH MORE! All Vaporizers and E-Cigarette Promotions will be updated on this page for Black Friday.  Please come back and visit us to get great deals for yourself or someone special this year and make the switch and stop smoking tobacco cigarettes for good.  I have used e-cigarette starter kits and vaporizer pens with e-liquid and stopped smoking for good.  Make the change this year and put down those smelly smokes for good! Over the past few years our partners will blast a sales promotion to promote their products this Christmas.  Take advantage of their special offers, over the years we have seen anywhere from 25% off to buy one get one [...]

VaporFi Rocket Vaporizer Starter Kit

October 23, 2014

VaporFi Rocket Vaporizer Starter Kit is the newest addition to the newly re-named company formally known as Vapor Zone.  This new e-cigarette vaporizer kit is VaporFi’s newest e-liquid vaporizer after the successful dry herb vaporizer that come out a few months back.  Always a reminder to check out their custom e-liquid made to your specifications.  You create the flavor from three different flavors that you mix to make one creative flavor.  VaporFi E-Liquid Rocket Vaporizer by VaporFi The Rocket Vaporizer is a dual voltage vaporizer to give you any type of throat hit you need.   It is a very great addition from any ordinary vaporizer that is set to just one voltage setting.  If you feel you are not getting enough out of your vaporizer the Rocket Vaporizer is a step up.   It is a sturdy and powerful vaporizer, the battery is a long-lasting battery that holds a 1600 MAH.  The battery only comes in two colors to choose from black and stainless steel.  The Rocket Vaporizer also has a huge tank supply of 2.5 ml in size, great for long-lasting vape.  All VaporFi Rocket Vaporizer Starter Kit comes with 5 atomizers. Incredible levels of power and technology [...]

3 Flavors all in one 30 ML VaporFi E-Liquid Bottle $14.99

August 16, 2014

VaprFi E-Liquid is one of our Top 3 E-Liquids on our website for a very great reason.  Choices!  Instead of buying e-liquid that is only limited in flavors and nicotine and amount of liquid.  VaporFi E-Liquid is custom-made by you the consumer to create your own flavor. Choose your VaporFi E-Liquid flavors When you visit VaporFi E-Liquid website you will come across some forms to fill out only online.  VaporFi E-Liquid has over 30,000 different flavor combinations to choose from.  Which means that with every 30 ML E-Liquid Bottle can have up to 3 flavors mixed together to make a certain flavor that you crave.  If you have a hard to deciding which flavors to get, VaporFi has a big list of custom-made flavors to help you out. When you choose your flavors from their long list of flavors to choose.  You will now have the choice of flavor strength from each flavor you have chosen.  Kinda confusing?  For example: I like VaporFi E-Liquid Rum+Cherry+Cola!  But I would like to taste more rum than cherry, so I would decide to take a double shot of rum and a single shot of cherry and cola.  VaporFi E-Liquid gives you a choice [...]

The Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer by Vaporfi (Formally VaporZone)

August 11, 2014

The Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer is now available for launch right here at   What a big year for them from last years Super Bowl Commercial which sparked huge interest.  The many Vaporizers they made last year to popular reviews including this website.  VaporFi’s popular pre-mixed e-liquid that is custom-made to how the customers order.  BTW their e-liquid is a must for any vaporizer out there.  Three flavors mixed together to make almost anything you can think of.  Vaporfi claims they can make over 30,000 flavors with different varieties of flavor and nicotine strength. Recently VaporZone changed their name to VaporFi. Now the big one…  A Dry Herb Vaporizer for $100 a first for the newly named company. VaporFi Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer  The Pre-Order Discount 10% off ends TONIGHT!  8-13-2014  But you can still pre-order to get yours first!   The Orbit is a powerful Vaporizer it’s 2200 mAh Rechargeable battery has enough juice to vape all day and night!  A 1.7 ML tank or heating chamber!  5 mouth pieces (Silicone), 5 mesh filters, a cleaning brush, USB Charger and 1 user manual.  Simple to use, it will show you how much herb and how long to heat it [...]

Starfire Premium Vaporizer Pen Starter Kit & E-Liquid $65.00

August 3, 2014

Starfire Premium Vaporizer Pen Starter Kit  This Vaporizer is a great buy for someone who wants to upgrade to a vaporizer from the traditional two piece cartridge kits.  A Starfire vaporizer comes with many features such as three different power settings, a large 2.4 ml tank and a 900 mah lithium battery.  A sturdy vaporizer with all the features listed in the cover photo for only $49.95. Also Starfire offers better pricing in bulk orders,  so if you want to treat your friends and family members to the world of vaping.  Starfire Cigs have a wonderful choice of affordable vaporizers and E-Liquid Starfire Premium Vaporizer Bulk Pricing List BUY 1 for ONLY $49.95 ($100 value)  BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF – 2 Kits for $74.90 reg. $99.90 (Save $25)  BUY 2 GET 1 FREE – 3 Kits for $99.90 reg. $149.85 (Save $49.95)  BUY 3 GET 2 FREE – 5 Kits for $149.85 reg. $249.75 (Save $99.90) + FREE U.S. SHIPPING  BUY 4 GET 4 FREE – 8 Kits for $199.80 reg. $399.60 (Save $199.80) + FREE U.S. SHIPPING Starfire Vegetable Glycerin E-liquid 20 ML for $10.00 Starfire E-Liquid is made from Vegetable Glycerin rather than the typical Propylene Glycerin (PG) that is more common in E-Liquid.  The Vegetable Glycerin (VG) has a sweeter taste and produces [...]

Vapor4Life Dial a Volt Vaporizer with Coupon Code 50% Off

July 30, 2014

The Dial a volt vaporizer by Vapor4Life is an impressive vaporizer and their e-liquid choice has a perfect mix of flavors.  It is so nice to see a website like Vapor4Life to have so many specials and deals everyday.  If you are a savings hound just like most of our visitors here, then you will love their discounted vaporizers, e-liquid and e-cigarette starter kits.  Vapor4Life also has many starter kits to choose from, nine starter kits alone for beginners who like the traditional e-cigarette.  (2-piece) Vapor4Life E-Liquid Selections V4L e-liquid created in the U.S. and made in the midwest.  Their huge inventory of e-liquid makes their business soar.  With over 75 unique flavors from tobacco flavors, beverage, fruit and coffee.  With so many variations from each of these categories you will have a hard time to choose.  Lately I have got some comments that tobacco flavors help more to quit smoking if that is your goal.  I agree it does help, but if you are searching for good tobacco flavors V4L does have a huge list of flavors.  (Even Pipe Tobacco) Dial a Volt Vaporizer The Dial-A-Volt is a variable voltage device that allows the user to select their preferred level of voltage by twisting a [...]

Volcano Inferno Vaporizer and E-Liquid

July 28, 2014

The VOLCANO INFERNO VAPORIZER Kit is the perfect electronic cigarette starter kit for someone who’s looking for great performance and long lasting battery life.  The included Tube Tank BCT setup and long lasting INFERNO batteries makes this kit ideal for smokers who are on the go.  With the included pass though USB batteries, you can charge and vape at the same time and have enough battery life to vape for more than 15 hours between charges! The Tube Tank BCT system is a revolutionary vapor delivery system that is simple and effective to use!  Simply fill the tube with your chosen e-liquid, screw on the base with the replaceable heating coil and you’re set for hours of enjoyable vaping time!  This kit is perfect for smokers who smoke a pack-a-day or more! is another great online company that has a variety of E-Cigarette Starter Kits, Vaporizers and E-Liquid.  Volcano has two unique types of vaporizers, today we will talk about the Inferno Vaporizer.  But I must say their E-Liquid is a nice choice of tobacco and food/dessert combinations.  I suggest browsing through their choice of E-Liquid for ideas on flavors to buy or find that special flavor for [...]

Vaporfi Platinum Pro Kit Vaporizer & E-Liquid under $100

July 15, 2014

The Vaporfi Platinum Pro Kit (formally VaporZone) is one of their stylish vaporizers that they carry to date.  A vaporizer with an LED display with a powerful 650 mAh battery delivers great vapor.  This vaporizer is a little more powerful than the Vaporfi pro kit, so expect a more powerful burst of vapor every time you use it.  Also the battery life is longer and the LED display will let you know when the charge is low. Vaporfi Clearomizers Vaporfi Platinum Pro comes with a large capacity clearomizer tank that can hold 2.5 ml of E-Liquid.  This is also larger than the Pro Kit and can carry over 1 ml more of liquid.  There are many kinds of clearomizers Vaporfi can recommend for their Platinum Pro Kit. The Platinum Pro Kit is retailed price at $72.99 but now check out our link below for an extra 25% off and get this great vaporizer for $59.95. All of VaporFi’s vaporizers come with a 30 day money back guarantee and warranty on all of their products.  International shipping available also. Vaporfi E-Liquid Another great product that Vaporfi provides is their E-Liquid.  So many tobacco and specialty flavors they have will make it hard [...]

V2 Pro Vaporizer loose leaf cartridges for $24.99

July 11, 2014

Check out the new V2 Pro Vaporizer with loose leaf cartridge that we are pushing right now, this vaporizer is a year in the making for them. The new Pro Vaporizer Series 3 offers a 3 in 1 vaporizer pen that uses nicotine wax or oils, E-Liquid and loose leaf tobacco. Also using their new technology that makes switching cartridges for each product makes it easier to switch from one to another with using their magnetic snap on technology.  Finally a powerful device that makes it easier to change from loose leaf tobacco and E-Liquid just by snapping it onto the battery.  Also their new anti-leak proof cartridges and snap on power cable charges your vaporizer in no time.   The V2 Pro Series 3 vaporizer comes with an E-Liquid clearomizer or cartridge free with purchase of the V2 Pro.  The loose leaf cartridge for the V2 Pro Series 3 comes separately than the device itself.  The cost of the cartridges is $24.99 each and can be purchased through V2. Before you go feel free to check out all the videos and accessories that come with the V2 Pro.  Check back with often for more discounts and promotional sales [...]

V2 Pro Vaporizer for loose leaf tobacco, nicotine wax and E-liquid

July 3, 2014

The V2 Pro Vaporizer can now do it all, e-liquid, oils, and now loose leaf tobacco.  Zig Zag originally pulled their name from these series of vaporizers.  Now renamed and sold by VMR Products LLC under their V2 product line.  These brand new V2 pro vaporizers now have the new snap together technology and easily drop in your blank cartridges of tobacco, wax or some e-liquid.  Easily change your preference to any product at any time within seconds.  There are three different types of the V2 Pro Vaporizer, the 3 series, 7 series and 9 series.   The Series 3 V2 Pro Vaporizer can be used with E-Liquid, Nicotine wax and Loose Leaf Tobacco! Check out their new video for V2 Pro Vaporizer E-Liquid for V2 pro The V2 Pro Vaporizer will be available Summer of 2014 and we will show you how to save more with our coupon which will be available on that same day.  Also check out the great products over at and get custom mixed E-liquid sent to you at home.  All of their E-Liquid is made in a FDA Approved lab and has cooperated with new studies.  Choose 3 flavors that can make over 30,000 [...]
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